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Humble And Happy

On Yom Kippur we read the piyyut about the order of the service of the kohen gadol in the Beis Hamikdash. When he is about to mix the blood of his bull ["Par Shel Kohen Gadol"] and the goat sacrificed on behalf of the Jewish people, we read that he experiences great joy ["sos"]. What is so special about this particular part of the service that it was done with so much joy?

The Kohen Gadol felt uncomfortable. He had a SPECIAL korban just for him and his wife [ "vicheeper baƔdo unbiad beiso"]. It is like having a special "Limo" when everybody else is walking. He didn't want to feel extraordinary, he wanted to feel like one of the regular people. Now he mixes the blood of his korban together with the blood of the korban brought for the masses. WOWEE!! he feels. Finally, I am like everybody else. That is why he was so happy.

The joy of humility.

[Heard from the Rebbe Shlita in the name of Reb Herschel Zidichover - if my memory serves me correctly.]

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