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Open Your Ears

At the beginning of this weeks parsha suddenly Hashem speaks to Avraham and tells him to go to the land He will show him. How come the Torah doesn't tell us any praise of Avraham to explain how he merited that Hashem appeared to him??

The Sfas Emes answers: Hashem didn't speak to Avraham alone. In fact He spoke to everyone, but AVRAHAM WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HEARD THE CALL.


Hashem is calling out to you as well. I promise you.

But do you hear Him?

The best way to hear Him is to stop listening to others who drown out his message.

Love and blessings sweetest friends!!!

Y'know when you call someone on the phone, and they're already talking to someone, you hear that special ring saying that you're on call waiting? Whenever that happens to me and the person doesn't pick up, I always assume (logically) that the other call is more important. I guess now I have to ask myself: "What could be so important that I'm going to keep Hashem on call waiting?"

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