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Riches And Honor

When we bentch Rosh Chodesh on the Shabbos before, we ask Hashem for "Chaim shel osher vichavod" - A life of riches and honor.

Sometimes people become very rich and lose their self respect and dignity. Such people becomes slaves to their money and their desires. Ya know, when you have a lot of money you can fill many desires. They are transformed from respectable human beings to animals on two legs.

So we ask Hashem - Good Lord make me RICH, CLEANLY RICH [I don't like the term "filthy rich"], but help me maintain my dignity and self respect. The Neshama, explains the Baál Hamaor in his preface to Maseches Brachos, is called "Kavod" [as in the pasuk "lima'an yizamercha kavod vi'lo yidom"]. Hashem, let me not neglect my kavod.

[See Ayn Ayah Brachos 1 page 79]

Love and blessings!!!

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