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Glory Fades

The Gemara at the end of Kiddushin says that learning Torah is AWESOME! Why? Amongst other reasons, learning is so great because even when we get old and the [internal] plumbing doesn't work so well, we walk slowly, the ears don't process sound as they once did and the stamina goes down - we can still enjoy a daf gemara or a vort of the Kli Yakar. I have seen this so many times. People who grow old and their lives are filled with meaning because they are learning - and people who are bored out of their brains and are just passing time until ..... [What do I say about cemeteries? People are dying to get in.]

I used to be a professional athlete [then my alarm went off and I awoke from my slumber]. The problem was that as my skills began to deteriorate and I could no longer play as I once could - it was depressing!! But if you have Torah - that lasts forever [literally!].

I recently saw a powerful article with this important mussar haskel.

Baruch Hashem shesamta chelkeinu miyoshvei Beis Hamedrash vilo miyoshvei kiranos!!!

Love and blessings to all!!

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