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Man Bites Dog!!

Shalom sweetest friends!!

The old joke goes that if a dog bites a man that is not material for a newspaper story, but if a man bites a dog - THAT is a story.

So many people are talking about the Charedim who are staging violent protests. Well, let me tell you another story. Today, I met a father of ten who had a leg amputated a number of years ago. Now his other leg is in bad shape and he recently spent an extended period of time in the hospital. He related with such delight that one day his entire daf yomi shiur went to the hospital and the shiur was conducted there. An act of loving kindness! Why isn't THAT in the newspapers? There are thousands upon thousands of such acts that occur every day! Like the woman in the Old City who has 11 of her own [including one with Downs Syndrome] who took it upon herself to take care of a man in her building who was sick with cancer - without in any way neglecting her family!

I could go on and on. But suffice it to say that there is SO MUCH positive behavior out there. So why aren't they reporting it??

Maybe because a man dressed funny spitting on a policemen and another one burning a garbage can will sell more papers.

Doesn't that say something about our society?

Now that we are on the topic, let me add: A gossipy magazine like People sells more copies that Time [or so I read]. Look at the popularity of Facebook, internet, popular entertainment, pro sports etc. etc. Who are the worlds heroes? Righteous people or entertainers who are so morally depraved, so decadent, that I simply lack the vocabulary to properly characterize the sickness of their tortured souls [I of course am not referring to anybody specific who recently died..]

Sweetest friends, we are living in a dark world.


Let us pray that the world have a refuah shleima with the coming of Moshiach!!!!!

[PS - It goes without saying that my words are in no way a justification for men who act like hooligans. The Rambam says that the purpose of Torah is to bring peace and pleasantness to the world (See the end of Hilchos Chanukah).]

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