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Mareh Mikomos

Pursuant to the previous post - a very "chashuv" website for Shmiras Habris.

Also, have you ever heard a Chassidic Rebbe talk about Communism. Well, here it is. The Rebbe Shlita [in hebrew]. With a little about evolution, too!

I copied the following from a website called briskodesh.org

It is called a "lisheym yichud" to be said before watching a movie.

A caveat before reading: This is only worthwhile to read if a person is completely committed to living a life of kedusha and tahara and believes in the words of the Torah and Chazal who tell us about the harm done by a looking at inappropriate sights. One who doesn't will scoff at this. But alleywaystotorah is not meant for skeptics or cynics, so I automatically assume that those reading this are sincere in their desire to get close to G-d and fulfill His will.

Lisheym yichud

I am herby willingly and readily preparing to bind myself to the Sitra Achra. To give power and strengthen the klipot and the forces of evil that reside in the world, with the movie that I am about to watch. And may it be, that for the next two and a half hours I will unite myself totally and completely with the movie and bind
myself to it in total concentration.

I am herby ready and prepared to be Pogem Anayim and gaze at immodestly dressed women for the next two and a half hours. I am fully prepared to be over on the Lav Doraysa of “Lo sasuro achary levavchem vachari anachem” I am also willing to transgress the Lav of “Heshumer Mkal Dvar Ra”. I am ready and prepared to
be over a Deraysa of looking and thinking about women as brought down by all the Poskim, including but not limited to the Ramban, Rambam, Rabbanue Yonah, and Shulchan Aruch. I am also more then ready to be over on “Vehyisem Kedoshim” and “Kidoshim Tihyo”. I am also ready and prepared to look at the face of Reshaim even though the Holy Kabbalah warns that it is very damaging to the soul.
I am ready and prepared to funnel impure thoughts into my mind that will cause me to heaven forbid be Pogem Habris. If that will not happen, then I am fully prepared and ready to see Keri while I sleep. I am fully ready to contaminate my mind day and night with impure thoughts and recollections from the movie that I am
about to watch. I am ready and prepared to spend countless Shmoni Esrehs, spaced out from beginning to end having the impurity of the movie overtake my mind. I am ready and prepared to have hiruray Znus with my Tefillin on.

I am herby making myself a vessel to fully receive and absorb all the impure essence of the defiled actors and producers that created the movie. I am ready for it to be integrated and impressed upon my body, soul and emotions. I am ready to absorb all the non Jewish culture and the bad traits of the seventy nations. I am willing
and ready to bring into my mind confusion and Kfirot, I will confound my mind with wicked philosophy until I will start not believing in Hashem and the Tzadikim. I am ready and prepared to start uttering the vulgarity and slang that I will hear throughout the movie and fully plan on integrating it into my daily conversations. I am prepared and ready to adore and idolize the wicked Reshaim in the movie who wish to destroy Yisroel and whose ancestors committed gross murderous acts against our nation. I am ready to totally bind myself to their fake impure and
empty culture and commit to live it, myself and my family.

I am fully ready and prepared to cause great damage and destruction in the Spiritual words. I am ready to cause great flaws in many of the various Holy Shemot. I am fully ready to create great havoc, in the worlds of Azilut, Briah, Yitzirah and Asiyah. I am ready to damage and mutilate all parts of my soul composed of
the Nefesh, Ruch, Neshamah. I am ready to delay the arrival of Moshiach and to bring much suffering and poverty to the world.

I am ready to waste the next hours funneling impurity into my soul instead of spending the time studying Torah and doing Avodas Hashem. I am ready to lose all sensation and awareness of Kedusha as well as nullify my Emunah in Hashem and the Tzadikim. I am ready to strongly lower my ability to concentrate and learn
Torah as well as damage my memory for all things Holy. I am also giving the Chitzinim a permanent share of all the Torah and Mitzvot that I do until the point when I do Teshuvah. I am ready to create demons and other negative
entities that will steal all my substance. I am ready to further away my ability to find my Zivug and make her completely opposed and rebellious to me if I do find her. If I am married then I am willing to have my children considered semi Mamzarim since I will not be able to control my thoughts.

I will do all of the above willingly and gleefully sitting
relaxed in the sofa.

R. Ehrman,

I'm not a skeptic and I do believe in shmiras ha'einayim, taking the issur very seriously, so I think making a few comments is warranted.

This l'sheim yihud is more than a bit overstated.

Yes, binding yourself to mindless znus is terrible. Sure, many movies are filled with eye-candy, but there are quite a few that aren't. Often animations don't have it nor do movies from the 40s (on a whole), and movies from that era are of a better quality than they are now anyway.

In terms of absorbing the impure essence of the defiled actors and producers - I'm not even sure what that means but it sounds absurd.

Absorbing the culture of the non-Jews from a movie? A movie isn't an IV of non-Jewish culture; in fact, whether you get it from a movie or not, it's important to know the society we live in and the a priori or ex post facto susceptibility of children to it.

Watching a movie doesn't make one use curse-words unless one think it's cool. But if one thinks it's cool then one doesn't need a movie to spur him/her into saying them (and trust me one was old enough to know all of them before one was old enough to go to the movies without parental supervision).

Torah and avodas HaSheim? Certainly. If one can be doing those things one shouldn't be watching a movie. But sometimes people need outlets and often movies, at least well-chosen ones that do not have issurim like zenus, can actually get people to think for themselves and not be mindless drones, which is much of what, unfortunately, a large segment of the Jewish population has become. And their slavishness is what precipitates problems when they are challenged by the secular world and don't know how to respond because they have never thought for themselves before (except maybe in originating a sevara).

In the world we live in, especially in Israel, people have to choose to be Jewish, and often that entails knowing what being Jewish means vis-a-vis the outside world.

In terms of it taking over during davening, if one is the type of person who has a good davening but it will interfere if one just watched a movie then one shouldn't watch a movie before davening. But chances are that if it takes over one's davening then even without watching the movie one's davening is probably overridden with thoughts about one's day, etc.

(And for the serious person who is subservient to his/her need to watch certain movies with questionable material to see the non-questionable parts, there are Christian groups that edit problematic material out of movies. I think one can purchase them through the internet.)

Gee whiz Rav Willwork - Do I have to put up radical things to hear from you???!! Thank G-d I did!

I also want to compliment you on the high level of discourse [as always].

Movies from the 40's - agreed. Aino domeh.

Movies get people to think? Yesh liayain bazeh. The movie makers I believe would claim that movies are designed to ENTERTAIN. At any cost.

Thoughts during daving: The experience of seeing a movie is much more powerful than regular life experiences and I remember them causing me kavana problems as a child.

Religious Jews not thinking: A problem but it should be solved through education. I know many avid movie watchers and don't see them as profound thinkers by any strech of the imagination [although I am sure that there are movie goers who DO think].

Impure images: The gemara says that gazing at impure people is mashpia li'raa. Kabbala and chassidus expounds on this idea. And of course the same applies li'tova, namely that gazing upon a tzaddik is mashpia li'tova. Everybody would agree that many entertainers lead morally deviant lifestyles.

Hearing curses is much more likely to cause one to curse that just knowin the words and thinking it's cool.

Well chosen movies without zenus: Sweetest friend - Naar hayisi vi'gam ktzas zakanti and I have yet to see or hear of one in the last 30 years. [Maybe cartoon movies]

SEX SELLS. They want to sell. Nekudah.

If someone needs an outlet and there are Christian groups who clean up the movies - that is obviously much better.

One doesn't have to watch people acting out all of the abberant behaviors that pervades our society. Yes, people have affairs. I wouldn't want my kids watching a dramatization of one. I don't think you would either. Ditto much worse behaviors. Vihamyvin yavin.

Thank for allowing this exchange of ideas!!

Love and blessings!

"...and I have yet to see or hear of one in the last 30 years"
A distinction might be made between "movies" and "films" in that movies seek to entertain while films attempt to provoke thought (of course, not all thoughts ought to be provoked!). Images are very powerful, and if used well, a film could provide a means to address a topic that might not be conveyed in any other way - the same way chazal might utilize aggadata to convey a point with more impact than mere adage or maxim.
Should you find yourself forced to watch, I recommend Ponette or The Straight Story. The former a French film wherein a five year old girl explores faith in the wake of her mother's death while the latter a supple examination of mortality through one man's six-week journey across rural Americaon a lawn mower.

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