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Death And Marriage

The Gemara at the beginning of maseches kiddushin derives from the acquisition of Mearas Hamachpeila that one can marry a women with money [or something of monetary value]. [In the context of the acquisition of the cave it says "kach" - take, and then says that it was taken with money. So too with respect to kiddushin where it says ki "yeekach" eesh eesha - when a man "takes" a woman, we understand it to mean money as it does with respect to the cave.]


We learn how to get married from Avraham buying a BURIAL PLOT for his wife. MORBID! Is that what a chosson is suppposed to think about under the chuppah?! Burying her??


Marriage is Chessed. From beginning to end!!

That is what we learn. A spouse must never stop bestowing kindness - even after expiration.

Love and blessings! Good Shabbos Sweetest Friends!!!

A shiur on the parsha.

interesting contrast in something i came across recently in bava batra:

a women may worry about her husband's reaction to her reluctance to "sell" her rights to her ketuba or nichsei tzon barzel, etc (to a 3rd party)b/c she is essentially "awaiting" his death or divorce in which she would be entitled to these properties.

may we all merit to "live" long lives with our wives.

I heard another gevaldike pshat on this question- After this deal between Avraham Avinu and Ephron, they both walked away with a big smile on their face. Avraham felt as though he had gotten the deal of a century, having just aqcuired the place where Adam and Chava were buried and now had a place to bury his wife Sarah Imeinu. He didnt care at all about the fact that he needed to pay a big sum of money for it. In fact he insisted on paying,showing how valuable this was to him. Ephron walked away feeling much richer and felt aswelll that he got the deal of the century. he just received lots of money for a mere peice of land. This is how a Chassan and Ksllah feel when they get married. They both feel as thoug hthey had just gotten the deal of the century. May Hashem continue to meshadech all the holy yidden out there looking for their soulmates. Have a gevaldike Shabbosss heilige Yidden.

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