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The Internet Is ....

"Ehrman is close-minded. He should leave his ghetto and get with the program. We are living in a modern world."

That is not an actual quote but one that could be elicited by the following. But since I believe it is true I will say it anyway. B"H I don't subscribe to the view that it matters what people think about you but rather one should show complete fidelity to what he sees as truth. So here goes.

The internet is filled with filth. This filth in a very strange way ensnares men into its trap. The Torah warns us to stay away from "gilulim" - translated as idols. The literal translation is "feces". Why must we be warned to distance ourselves from feces? Somehow - people are attracted to filth. The internet is filthy. I know I said that already but I repeated it for effect. The internet is filthy. Again.

The internet is breaking up marriages and frying pure Jewish souls.

Solution: Get rid of it. I would. But then how would I post my shiurim? I also listen to shiurim. I don't want to have to fly to America every time I want to here an American Rov give a shiur. So I have internet - filtered of course. My children can't use the computer because they don't even know the password. I would NEVER let them use it unsupervised. It is inviting the devil to take up permanent residence in their souls. Baruch Haba Reb Devil! The internet is filthy.

So if you are still going to keep your internet [some people really need it for work and for other reasons], please remember. It is dangerous. Some of the finest people I know have fallen. LOW!! [I would share stories but it is not necessary.]

The internet is filthy.Gilui Arayos - loads. Shfichus domim - violence? Endless! Avoda Zara - the Christians spend hundreds of millions of dollars to convert us via the internet.

Lord save us!!

Love and blessings!!!

Thank you!! a reminder is always good.
a question, do we believe in the devil? or the yetzer hara? or both?

love and blessings, right back atchya, Rav!! :-)

not to say that christian proseletizing isn't something to be concerned with and to distance ourselves from it, but is that religion really considered avodah zara?

The Devil - we call him satan - see Iyov. Yetzer Hara - NAAA we don't have one:)

Reb Hubs - For them it is a machlokes haposkim. For us it is avoda zara. If you want mekoros I can provide.

Do you also feel the same way about texting?

In london articles are continuously being distributed declaring the dangers of text and that it leads to every aveirah....
( because a cute guy is going to appear out of my text phone..)

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