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Make Others Feel Special

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Ahhh sweetest friends!!

Can you remember an experience where someone made you feel reeeeeally rotten? Of course you do!!

What about a time when a person made you feel like a MILLION BUCKS? Of course.

Well I have some news for you - YOU HAVE THE SAME POWER OVER OTHERS! This is what the pasuk calls "Maves vichaim biyad halashon" - You have the power with your tongue to make or break someone else. How often do we use this power? NOT ENOUGH!!!

So we can start today [myself included]. Think of ways to speak and act in such a way as to make others feel GREAT. It is not so hard and it is free!!! But in order to do so one must open his heart. People are CLOSED UP and this prevents people from touching others in a deep way.

Live life in such a way that even the undertaker will be sorry to see you go.


"Maves vichaim biyad halashon"

Where is this pasuk from, it sounds like it could be from Mishlei

I would like to add.

Often we are unaware of a person's recent or past history. Sometimes, what we say can not only wreck their day but can cause recurring damage.

The inverse is true as well. We never know if the simplest of effort can pull someone from some dark depths.

This is both an awesome/inspiring/empowering thought as well as a frightening one. Therefor, we should always be conscious, with everyone we encounter, regardless of how they treat us (or even if they don't acknowledge us at all) to treat them as our kin, as someone we know and love, to make sure that everything we say and do will leave a positive imprint and not, G-d forbid, a negative one.

All the best!

Shtait dorten in Mishlei 18/21. Do bist gerecht!

R' Yaakov - Thanks for your input!

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