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State of the Union Address

In a previous post I mentioned that Rav Soloveitchik was opposed to womans hakafos. I have a different opinion on the matter. I am in favor of womans hakafos!!!

I believe that a woman should do seven hakafos around a man under a canopy while wearing a white dress and veil over her face! [I am sure that Rav Soloveitchik would agree. He was referring to a different type of hakafos. "Two dinim in hakafos" if you will.]

Which brings me to an important point. I know numerous people who have decided both from an intellectual and emotional standpoint that they have met the right person. Then the Yetzer Hara goes to work: Maybe there is somebody better. Maybe I am making a mistake. His mother can be annoying sometimes. She is a little bit shorter that I imagined my wife would be etc. etc.

Don't get flustered! The Yetzer is just doing his job. You do yours. Ignore him [the Yetzer Hara - not the Chasan]. Relax. Thank Hashem that you found a wonderful person.

Then, only after the Hakafos, the real work begins - investing heart and soul into making your marriage a successful, Holy, Godly Union.

I wish that were the only yetszer hara preventing people from getting married....


My entrepenuer Talmid chacham friend. Long time no hear!!

I am naive. What other yetzer hara prevents people [of the seriously observant persuasion] from tying the knot?

Good Shabbos and my best to everyone!

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