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Avrohom Dovid Moses HY"D

Many very special things have been said about the holy martyrs who were brutally murdered at Merkaz HaRav recently. There is a tendency to exaggerate the virtues of people after they die. In this instance NOTHING IS EXAGGERATED. These young men were really special tzaddikim and when Hashem decided that he needs to take korbanos from the Jewish people he took the purest.

This is a description of Avraham Dovid Moses given by his Rebbe, Rav Avraham Kosman [my translation from Bi'ahava Ubi'emunah parsha sheet]:

"When I think of Avraham Dovid I think less of the image of a student and more of the image of an angel [LOOK AT HIS PICTURE! THE GOOD RABBI IS NOT MAKING THIS UP - ME]. His face was so gentle. I will never forget the sweet childish smile that was always on his face. Every question, comment and conversation I had with him was with such softness and pleasantness that I cannot describe in words other than something angelic, pure and genuine that is almost not found anywhere. I remember the very sharp questions he used to ask during the course a shiur. At a time when everybody else would accept what I said with complete agreement he would suddenly get up and say "But HaRav that doesn't ....." Everything with a gentle serene smile. His diligence and assiduousness amazed me. He never complained that the material was too much or too hard, on the contrary he would encourage the other students and tell them that if they take advantage of their time they won't have any problem learning all of the material. And everything was with a smile and a pleasant word, so soft and regal, it was as if honey oozed from his mouth. There are no words to describe the softness and gentleness except with the term "Angelic Countenance" [Ziv Malachi]."

Sweetest friends! How I would love to have met this boy. What a loss for the world! I hope that we can all learn from him to be more gentle and sweet. The world is in desperate need of more such people. Give me a bracha that I should follow his shining example.

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