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Kohen Gadol Can't Leave - Why Not?

The Rambam says [klei mikdash 5/7] that the Kohen Gadol is never allowed to leave the Old City of Yerushalayim - even for a moment. Sounds great to me and I am not even a Kohen. I would LOVE never to leave the Old City! [I like to think that I am "stoned" - Jerusalem Stoned.] But where does the Rambam get this from? There is no such gemara?!

More to come bl"n.

vayikra 21:12?

It says min "hamikdash" not Yerushalayim - the kohen gadol is definitely allowed to leave the mikdash. It is talking about leaving for the funeral of a relative lest he become tamei [see sanhedrin 18]

Wasn't this an earlier post?

i have to agree with will

I thought so too but I did a search and didn't find it.

Its a Meshech Chachmah This weeks Parsha but the Minchas Chinuch says His talmid told him a teretz so good he wrote it in his Rambam. No Mekor but its a Din in the Korban He brought Everyday and it needs Lina

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