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Kohen Gadol Can't Leave - Why Not? - Answer

The Minchas Chinuch [136] explains that Tosaphos says in numerous places in Shas that when one brings a korban he must remain in Yerushalayim overnight. Since the Kohen Gadol had to bring a korban every day [a minchas chavitin] it follows that he may never leave Yerushalayim. Brilliant! [See the Imrei Baruch of Rav Simon Shlita on this weeks parsha.]

But wait, not so fast!! The Rebbe Shlita pointed out that it never says that if someone brings a korban he may not leave Yerushalayim that day. It just says that he must sleep over ["linah"] but he certainly may leave for a few hours during the day. Yet the Rambam says that the Kohen Gadol may NEVER leave Yerushalayim. So it is not just about the korban. So our question remains in full force - from where does the Rambam learn that the Kohen Gadol may never leave Yerushalayim??

This certainly was previous post as I remember this exact progression. It can't be found because for some reason all of the posts from June 2007 to December 2007 seem to have disappeared.

kol halomed viaino chozer - kieloo zorea viƔino kotzer!

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