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Big Days Are Coming Up!!!!!!!!!!!

The time is coming near.



THE FESTIVAL OF BREAD-CRACKERS [Chag hamatzos?]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But wait. There are very serious halachic problems that arise at this time of year.

Let me mention two:

1] Anger. People [especially those of the female persuasion] get so involved in the fast and furious cleaning that at times tempers flare. "AHHHHHHHHHHH, CHAMETZ!! GET THAT OUT OF HERE! ARE YOU NUTSO! NUTS! KITNIYOS! GET THAT OUT OF HERE, TOO!" [Please note that all types of nuts are not considered kitniyos except for peanuts. The Iggros Moshe says that even peanuts aren't kitniyos but that some people are stringent. But then again dust is not chametz and yet is treated as such by many....] So holy are the Yidden that they want to make sure that the house is chametz free on Pesach - and the Yetzer Hara rejoices. He gets people angry.

But anger is a sin. A big sin. I could start quoting sources but if I start I will never finish. Take my word for it. It's a really serious sin. So let's banish short tempers from our homes as we banish Chametz. And let's keep it out after Pesach as well.

2] Torah. People who normally learn lots of Torah during the rest of the year take a vacation during Nissan. The Chazon Ish said that we should take a vacation: Only learn 12 hours a day. The rest of the time we can help clean and prepare for the holiday.

Hashem took us out of Egypt for one express purpose, namely to give us the Torah.

L'ilui nishmas my beloved great-grandmother Esther bas R' Shmuel who died on Rosh Chodesh Nissan [today] 19 years ago and she is sorely missed by her family. I never saw her get angry at anybody. She was as sweet as sweet could be - despite the fact that she endured a very hard life. Always with a smile and often encouraging me to do what any good grandmother exhorts her grandchildren to do - eat! "Ally'kem, have some chicken." Please learn a mishna or say a perek of Tehillim L'ilui Nishmasa Ha'tihora.

Sorry Rabbi- the Rambam says
9 hours a day is what a layman
has to learn, not 12.

Dear Israel Shalom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A] Do you know any laymen who learn 9 hours a day?

b] I was referring to Yeshiva students. Laymen don't have the time to learn 12 hours.

But thanks for weighing in.

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