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Heightened Sensitivity - A Thought For Tazria

When a woman gives birth she must bring a young dove [ben yonah] or a turtledove [tor] as a korban [12/6] . Normally when the Torah mentions these two birds the turtledove is written first whereas in this pasuk the young dove is first. Why??

The Ba'al Haturim explains that in a regular case one brings both birds. However a woman after birth only brings one of them. So the Torah is saying that she should ideally take a young dove and not a turtledove. If she can't then she can take the turtledove. The reason is that a turtledove is very faithful to its spouse and if the woman takes a turtledove its partner will be very sad and won't want to find another mate. Therefore, one should preferably take a young dove to avoid causing the remaining turtledove anguish.

From here we see that one should be careful to avoid causing anguish even to an animal!! And a person? A fortiori [I think that means "kal vachomer"].

Good Shabbos sweetest friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

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