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Hallel On This Special Day

Do you say Hallel with a bracha or without?

Well, of course it depends! Not on your hashkafa but on your ancestry. If you are Ashkenazi you definitely SHOULD say a bracha. If you are a Sefardi you should not. The Shulchan Aruch rules that you don't! How can you say "Vitzivanu" - And you COMMANDED us , when it is only a custom to say Hallel and you were not commanded. But the Rema maintains that nevertheless we make a bracha. If a Sefardi is Chazan in an Ashkenazi shul he should let an Ashkenazi make the bracha [Rav Ovadiah Yosef].

I am referring, of course, to Rosh Chodesh.

[Hallel on Yom Ha'atzmaut? On this topic we have a shiur on YUTORAH.ORG]

Rav Elchanon,

Can you explain to me- if we're sayinh Hallel as a halachick response to the miracle of starting the Medina- and heh iyar is picked b/c of the Ben Gurion's decleration- than in a year like this- when we move y"h up- how can we not commemorate the Neis additionally bezmano by saying Hallel also on Shabbos- similar to Purim Meshulash??? (To me that hurts the credibility of saying it during other years).

"We're" saying Hallel?" In Aish Kodesh they say Hallel??

Anyway the explanation is [I am not taking a stand] if the original takana was that if Yom Haatzmaut falls out on shabbos then we can say hallel earlier [b/c Yom Haatzmaut is celebrated earlier to avoid chillul shabbos]. Nobody [I think] claims that heh iyar biatzmuso has kedusha. In fact Rav Shachter from YU paskened [I am told] that in America Hallel SHOULD be recited on Shabbos.

That is what I heard as well about Rav Schacter. Rebbe, I think saying Hallel on Yom Haazmaut is a deeply emotional and sensitive topic. Especially with the Bracha. Also, why is yom yerushalayim differant than Yom haazmahut from a halachic perspective?

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