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As Holy As Mesh Tzitzis?

This is one of my favorite Chazals EVER!

On the pasuk "Kedoshim Tihiyu" the medrash suggests "Yachol kamoni?" You might think that we must be as holy as Hashem Himself [please say with appropriate sing-song]? Therefore the pasuk concludes "ki kadosh ani Hashem Elokeichem" - Kidushasi limala mikidushaschem. No - my holiness is greater than yours!

But what a suggestion!!! We might entertain the notion that we can be as holy as G-d Himself. That is why we need the pasuk to tell us otherwise. Boy, are we holy!!!!!!!!

Not only "boy". Girl too. All Yidden are sooooooooooo holy. Not AS holy as Hashem but super-duper holy nonetheless.

Good Shabbos Beloved Friends!!

PS What happens when you "entertain a notion"?

The notion has a great time......

PPS On Yutorah there is a new shiur on Parshas Kedoshim on the topic of loving geirim.

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