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An Israeli Goes Diasporatic For The Holiday

One might think that since one who lives in Chutz L'aretz and is visiting Israel must not do melacha on Yom Tov Sheni as is his practice in Chutz L'aretz [according to the majority of poskim] it follows that if one who lives in Israel is visiting Chutz L'aretz for Yom Tov is ALLOWED to do melacha on Yom Tov Sheni as he does in Israel.

This is erroneous! The overwhelming consensus of Poskim is that an Israeli is not permitted to do melacha in Chutz L'aretz on Yom Tov Sheni - even in private!

[See "Yom Tov Sheni Ki'hilchaso" for sources]

l'chvod harav

though the opinion not to do melacha is pretty wide-spread, several renowned poskim, including rav bina, allow melacha b'tzina.

wishing you and the family a pesach kasher v'sameach

what about wearing tefilin on yom tov sheni (last days) for an israeli in america for pesach???

Lchvod HaRav R' Shlomo

I would be curious to get more sources.


Chag Sameach to both of my good friends and your families.

Minhag Hamakom- see Pesachim- and we generally frown on doing things besinya that you can't do in public

Rav Eytan - You never frown!

You are always smiling!

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