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Complaint Season

"Isn't all of this preparation for Pesach a major pain."

The evil son says "Ma ha'avodah hazos lachem" - The Yerushalmi interprets his words as meaning "What is this big pain in the neck." ["Ma kol hatircha hazos she-atem matrichim aleinu."]

Based on this the Sefer HaRokeach [Simman 223] says that one shouldn't complain about the Pesach preparations or about all of the Matza we have to eat etc. That is the way of the evil son. Fortunate are we that we are able to do all of these mitzvos!

Love and blessings to all!!!!!!!!!

Is it possible that you meant siman 283 in the Rokeach?? Also, there he mentions not eating the afikoman with that attitude (so as not to run into a problem of achila gasa). Is there another place where he mentions specifically the preparations for Pesach? Thanks for the great mar'eh makom. Kol Tuv.


Full disclosure: I saw it quoted in the sefer "minhag yisrael torah" page 109 - ayain shom for a short discussion.

Thanks for the comment.

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