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Crowning Him

Li'iluy nishmas Esther bas R' Shmuel.

In some places the custom is for everyone to take off their tefillin before Mussaf on Rosh Chodesh. In more traditional circles only the men do so [for obvious reasons...]. But there is clearly a practice to remove the tefillin at this time. The question is - WHY?

Answer: In the kedusha of the repetition of the shmoneh esrei we say "Keeeeeeesser, yitnuuuuuu licha-a-a....." [that is my favorite part!] - We will give YOU the crown.
It is not appropriate to say that to Hashem when WE are wearing a crown [i.e. the tefillin].

We should think about this as we are removing our tefillin. "G-d, YOU are the King". [Sorry Elvis and Martin Luther Junior] Otherwise, what's the point of taking off our tefillin.

[Rav Simcha Ziskind Briode Ztz"l Rosh Yeshivas Chevron]

Love, blessings, a Chodesh Tov and a Gut Chodesh to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this answer, but what about Ashkenazim.
(As much as the Gr"a (?) wanted to instate Keter as the musaf kedusha, he admitted that he didnt have the power, and to this day we [Ashkenazim] still say Naaritzcha)

i thought it was because there's a safek of whether we need to wear tefillin on rosh hodesh, so we wear them for the normal amidah, but when we get to musaf that is special to the day, so we take off our tefillin.. (i don't know where i learned this though, only that it was a long long time ago and possibly in chutz la'aretz)

I always wondered what people did when they used to wear their tefillin all day?

Rav Nevnzahl says that ashkenazim don't have to but should do differently then everybody lse in shul. See his notes to MB 25/62.

See also hilchos RC [I think 423] for another reason.

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