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Where The Perfect Spouse Exists

I am not an expert on dating. [I am not an expert on most things - although I am quite proficient at giving people directions to the Kotel. I have done it about 26,000 times.] But I do have a great deal of interactions with people who are looking for their mate.

So I would like to share the following thought with singles. Many unmarrieds have this picture of the IDEAL mate in their minds. Shocking revelation: He/She indeed exists! But only in your imagination. NOBODY [!!!!!] can give you EVERYTHING you are looking for. She [or he] should be the warmest, most gentle, kindest, most beautiful [for guys], from the best family, understanding, fun to be with, religious like you - not more, not less, super-accepting-nurturing-sensitive-responsible, a good provider [for girls], a good cook [for guys] and the list goes on and on. I have never met anything close.

Everyone who gets married realizes, either before marriage or after, that nobody has everything. And you can still be very happy, even though your spouse is a limited mortal being, riddled with flaws and imperfections - just like you!

You want perfection?

Marry G-d.

You want to get married to a human being? Find a good person to marry and then spend your life focusing on all of his/her positive qualities.

Love and blessings to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is very wise counsel, Rav Ehrman! I would like to believe that my wife is as close to perfect as I will ever find, but Hashem is certainly my First Love.

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