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Organ Harvesting

The world should be shaking!

If news reports are correct then there are presently 36 concentration camps in China where organs are harvested from living people who are then thrown into crematoriums in order to destroy evidence. The largest camp has 120,000 prisoners.

Where is the UN? America? Israel? THE WORLD??????? We Jews know how it feels when the world remains silent in the face of indescribable human cruelty so why isn't something being done? Why does history constantly repeat itself? Are people foolish or cruel or both?

How can a person sleep soundly at night when this is going on. Hashem is merciful to ALL of His creations - ורחמיו על כל מעשיו.

Are we so desensitized that such stories don't bother us?? Isn't it G-dly to feel compassion?

I usually try to write upbeat posts but I just heard about this and am shocked to the core. [I don't buy newspapers or own a TV and I am usually behind the times so even though this may be an old story it is new to me.]

the people of the world are so selfish that they sit around talking about how terrible it is that the chinese government murders its people, but not one has suggested that perhaps this years olympics, which are to take place in china, should be canceled- because chalila that we should miss out on the biggest sporting event of the year. too many are content to pat themselves on the back for saying something while doing nothing.

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I hate to be cynical but the nature of man is to care about himself. This is the way Hashem created us. We need to stop this but I think everyone is firstly concerned with there own family and there own people. (I admit its terrible)

This is pure evil. China also finances the genocide in Darfur and the dicatotorships in Tibet and Burma. The world is silent and even rewarded them with hosting the Olympics!

I have decided to boycott the Games. I turned down my invitation by the gov't to go to the opening ceremonies. ;)

Rebbe, after an intense Google search -- you are not alone.

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