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Mechiras Chametz

Orthodox Rabbis have ruled that smoking is STRICTLY forbidden. But the Yidden aren't worried. They will just sell their lungs to a non-jew and can thus continue to smoke uninhibited.

Baa dam chhhhhhhhhhhh!

When a person sells his chametz there is a custom to pay the Rabbi who acts as the agent who performs the transaction. There is also a Halachic basis for this practice.
Selling the chametz is an act of Biblical import because we are selling the chametz that we have not nullified. But how can we be sure that the Rabbi will carry out his task and actually sell it. The presumption [chazaka] that an agent can be trusted to do his job does not work for Biblical mitzvos! So by paying him we make him a worker [po'el] who CAN be trusted according to the Halacha.

So put your money where your chametz is!!!

[See Tshuvos V'hanhagos 2/218 and the sources quoted therein]

When you write about smoking it brings back memories.....

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