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My Pesach was GRRRREAT!

Firstly because of the last three letters of the word great. So much and such a big mitzva! I am now fat [five ten and a half and about 132 pounds]. Every kezias of matza was another mitzva according to many. So many mitzvos! Not to mention all of the other delicious food which was also a fulfillment of the mitzva of Simchas Yom Tov.

Now I have no more appetite. No mitzva - no appetite.


I also had a lovely time in Hawaii! EXOTIC!!! And my daughter did extensive kiruv on the Hula girls who greeted us upon arrival. Four of them actually bought clothing [!!] and are considering spending time studying in Neve Yerushalayim.

All seriousness aside....

In the Haftora bracha we say "Rachem al tzion ki he BEIS CHAYENU". Tzion - Yerushalayim is the HOUSE OF OUR LIVES. Our lives are rooted in Yerushalayim. That is why the gemara relates that when Titus stuck his sword in the Holy of Holies, blood spurted out. When Yerushalayim was destroyed our life force was sucked out of us. [Rav Moshe Schapiro Shlita]

May we merit to live there and to personally see the COMPLETE GEULAH!


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