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A Thought From Hallel

אני עבדך בן אמתך פיתחת למוסרי

"I am your servant the son of your handmaid, you have loosened my bonds."

Rabbi Simon in the Imrei Baruch explains in the name of Rabbi Schachter: When does one become truly free? When he becomes a servant of Hashem [and not man! Most people are servants to man in some way, shape or form].

Let's become FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Rebbi, I was looking at Rav Artscroll's commentary on the passuk trying to understand the meaning of "Ben amusecha." He quotes Rashi saying that a son of a maidservant is more subserviant than a son of a free person. The ben amusecha serves naturally and instinctively while the son of a free person serves because he needs to. While i understand the chiluk, I'm not so clear on why the son of a maidservant is considered to be on a higher level of serving. It seems as if this person serves without thought while the latter understands his position as a slave and had he not been Hashem's slave he would not be serving. It's probably a basic question, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge, but how is it that one who serves naturally and automatically without thought is at a higher level than one who is pained by his servitude because he's more aware of his position and yet serves anyway because he knows that's his duty in life?

Binyamin Naftali Shalom!!

Your question is EXCELLENT and I can't do it justice with a "blogged" answer so imy"h until we get together........

Love and blssings!

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