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How To Achieve Supernatural Powers

The pasuk in this weeks parsha connects the mitzva to sanctify the Name of G-d [meaning to be willing to die "al kiddush Hashem"] with the fact that He took us out of Egypt [22 - 32,33]. What does this mitzva have to do with the Exodus from Egypt?

The answer is that if we show that we can transcend our nature and die for Hashem [naturally speaking we would prefer to stay alive] then He will transcend the laws of nature for us and perform miracles as He did when we left Egypt. We extend ourselves for Him and He will [kavichol] extend Himself for us. [Sfas Emes]

That is how I understand the reality certain tzaddikim have miraculous powers. They are constantly overcoming their basic nature so they are not bound by the laws of nature.

Good Shabbos Sweetest Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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