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Shallowness Meets The Depths

Some people who profess to follow the Torah lack Emunas Chachomim - faith in the Sages. This means that we must believe that when we see a Gemara or a Medrash we must believe that it is true. True DOES NOT mean that we must understand everything they say in a simplistic way. We have countless sources who endeavor to explain the depth of their words. My own personal favorite is the Maharal. He shows on countless occasions how statements of Chazal which on the surface seem completely unbelievable are in fact profound insights into life and Torah that only eluded me at the outset because of my OWN shallowness.

If someone says that he believes in Judaism but not in Chazal then he is in big trouble because virtually EVERYTHING we do and believe is based on Chazal. To try to figure things out on our own would surely result in a new religion about as to close Judaism as Christianity. We have a chain of transmission and there is no reason to believe that things were invented or made up. I don't think that there is any rational reason to cast aspersions upon our holy Sages. Despite this, many people [almost always people who are not steeped in knowledge] enjoy attacking them.

So here is a statement that I would not make on my own but since Chazal say it I believe it: "All disasters that happen in this world are because of the Jewish People."

"You arrogant Jews!!" someone might argue. "Do you think that the entire world revolves around you??"

Answer: Yes!! Well, not yes we are arrogant. Arrogance gives off a most odious smell. But yes the world DOES revolve around us! That means that if we read about terrible disaster that happens in some far away country we must know that Hashem is talking to US!!!

What is He saying? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Sweetest, most beloved friends I must be honest. I don't know! But I do know that we must wake up and try to learn lessons and improve ourselves. I also know that we REALLLLLLLLLLLY need Moshiach. Hashem is only good and didn't create the world so that people should suffer so much.

So let us at least intensify our yearning and prayers for the ultimate redemption.

Amen v'amen, achi!

i've noticed that people who hold opinions like those you mentioned about Chazal generally haven't had any relationship with living tzaddikim or Talmidei Hachamim.

you cannot imagine someone who wouldn't or couldn't 'make things up' until you actually met someone whose interest in the general wellbeing and in Torah is greater than his/her self-interest.

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