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"Here's A Story, Of A Man Named Brady"

What is the difference between our society today and society in the not so distant past. There has ALWAYS been immorality so what has changed??

Rav Hutner [in his collected letters] pointed out that in the past immorality was considered [in civilized society] an aberration. Today it is the norm. There have always been single women who became pregnant - today it is the norm. Unmarried couples have always lived together - today it is the norm. There have always been woman who dressed immodestly - today they are EVERYWHERE. The concept of tzniyus as we know has simply ceased to exist in the general society so that when a religious Jew is careful about what he sees people think that he is weird.

The "Brady Bunch" broke the barrier. Until then it was forbidden to show a man kissing a woman in bed. Then we saw Mike peck Carol on the cheek and wish her good night. That was all! Nothing more. But today - oy yoy yoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesson: When we allow a little bit of innocuous sexual content it will snowball into the prime time pornography that we are witness to today. That is why we are advised to make fences. Try having an affair in the middle of the street. YICHUD! What a fantastic idea. Negiyah! What a great law that insures that relationships remain pure and holy. C'mon - it is just a little hug. Yes, but what will it lead to?! [Of course Yichud and Negiyah are inherently forbidden and not just fences but they also serve to protect us from more serious infractions.]

We must wage a war and not allow this immorality creep into our lives. Remeber what Chazal say on the pasuk "Hashem saw all that he created and it was VERY GOOD" - "Good" is the Yetzer Hatov, "Very [Good]" is the Yetzer Hara. We make it "very good" by getting married young, concentrating our energies on building our families bikidusha and learning lots of Torah, Mussar and Chassidus.

Love and blessings!

I was taking a car service and the driver who is jewish and married to a non-jew said that his wife always complains when he goes out to pick up a passenger because she thinks he is having an affair with another women. I think this jeolosy is not a problem in religious circles for the most part.

Shame on the Brady Mishpachah!!!

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