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Talk The Talk

It says in the Mishna in Pirkei Avos [beginning of the second perek] that one should be careful to fulfill ALL of the mitzvos because you never know how much reward you are going to receive for a mitzva. Maybe for a mitzva that seems lighter and not so important you will nevertheless receive a tremendous amount of reward.

Wait a second. Since when do we fulfill mitzvos in order to receive reward?! We do mitzvos because they are the will of Hashem! So why does the Mishna convince to fulfill mitzvos by invoking the great reward we might well receive?

When you speak to a young child you should not use Shakespearian English. If you do he won't know what you are talking about. If you are talking to someone from Japan I would recommend using Japanese [if you know the language]. Whenever you talk to someone you must speak HIS language. The mishna is talking to our Yetzer Hara. Our Yetzer Hara understands only one language - "Pleasure-ise". You must talk to him in that language. If you start telling him about how wonderful it is to be morally upright and to fulfill your higher spiritual task in this world he won't listen. Tell him "It will be really cool - I will do the mitzva and get paid large dividends". Ahhhhh - now he will go along!

[See Maharal on the Mishna.]

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