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Ehrman Becomes Airman

The power of taiveh [desire].

I was on the airplane yesterday and there was a fellow who NEEDED to smoke. What is a man to do? Smoking is strictly forbidden on the airplane. So he went to the bathroom and smoked there. Now, smoking in an airplane bathroom is a fire hazard. A fire on an airplane is VERY dangerous. There are signs in the bathrooms telling people NOT to smoke. But this person was willing to endanger 400 passengers for his smoke. Usually he just endagers himself but now he was taking hundreds of people along with him.

Remember: We don't have taivehs. Taivehs have us. The same applies to eating [for some], spending money [for others] and many other destructive behaviors. They CONTROL us. That is why avodas hamidos is so important. It's about being in control of your life and of your decisions.

Love and blessings!

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