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Greater Than An Angel

Every time Rivka walks by the Beis Medrash of Shem and Ever, Yaakov kicks out. Why? He likes Torah??! O.K. But we know that when a fetus is in utero an angel teaches him the entire Torah. So why is Yaakov trying to escape? [Some people answer that his Rebbe was great but look who his chavrusa was - Esav! But if that were true Yaakov would have kick all of the time - not only when his mother passed by a Beis Medrash.]

The answer is that learning with an angel is GREAT but one thing was lacking - A YESHIVA!!!!!!! NOTHING can compare to the Yeshiva experience. It is even greater than learning from a malach. So if you ever have the chance - learn in a Yeshiva. Even if you work full time, the best place for kvius itim latorah is a Yeshiva. And if you attended a Yeshiva in the past, keep in touch with your friends and Rabbeim from the Yeshiva. If you attended a Seminary - the same idea applies. Nothing can take the place of a Torah institution.

[Based on the Birkas Mordechai Parshas Toldos]

Tangential question: Why seek advice at the Academy of Shem and Ever if she can go to Isaac or Avraham?

Rav Akiva Tatz has a Shiur on the Torah of Shem and Ever on simpletoremember.com that might answer a few questions. So if you find the time...

good question!

Thanks for the mareh makom Reb Lonely!

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