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Painful Loss

Sweetest friends, for reasons that completely escape me, the audio shiurim on the site no longer work, at least on my computer [if they work on yours - PLEASE email me]. So it looks like the only place to hear shiurim in the future will be YUTORAH.ORG and this blog will be limited to written comments. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Love and blessings!

It looks like only the shiurim stored with YU are gone. The following shiurim, which were stored elsewhere, still seem to be accessible.
Bechukosai: Missing Vavs
Acharei Mos: Self Identity
Kedoshim: Be Holy
Behar: True Faith

Sefiras HaOmer: Counting The Omer And The Shemittah

Perhaps YU audio rearranged something, (storing the shiurim elsewhere) and therefore the addresses of the unavailable shiurim are no longer accurate?

Thanks for the idea. I contacted them.

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