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Constructive Fear

"According to a study conducted, the greatest fear amongst Americans is the fear of public speaking. The second greatest fear is the fear of death. That means that the average person would rather be IN the casket than talking about someone else lying in the casket."

Many people I know don't like to think about death. They push it back to the deepest recesses of their minds and try to avoid dealing with it. This is a serious problem. It is only through the knowledge of the constant possibility of ones own demise that he can truly begin to live.

Our Sages put it best "Repent the day before you die. IIIIIIIIIIIII [to be said in a sing-song], you never know when you are going to die? Exactly, do teshuva today. It might be your last."

With blessings that Hashem should give you looooooooooooooooooong life and that you should have the wisdom to take advantage of every moment.


It's easy for me to say "it's easy to overcome fear of public speaking"; but it's truly much easier than people think. Moreover, the confidence and increased self-esteem that goes along with facing and conquering (or moving past) that fear is something of great value to have in this lifetime, not to be missed. I urge people to simply get some public speaking training and not try to "go it alone". Finally, don't give up or give in; conquer the fear. It's really, really worth it.

David Portney

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