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The Divinity Of The Torah

"All Jews have a portion in the World to Come ... [except for] .. someone who says that the Torah was not written by G-d." [Sanhedrin 90a]

"He disgraces the word of G-d" - this is one who says that even one sentence from the Torah is not from G-d. [Sanhedrin 99a]

"These people have no portion in the World to Come and are cut off forever because of their wickedness .... Someone who says that even one pasuk from the Torah is not from G-d." [Rambam Teshuva 3/8. See also Rambam Avoda Zara 2/2]

In light of the foregoing this caused me great anguish. What bothers me more is the fact that according to "The Commentator" about 140 young men who sit in the Beis Medrash went to participate.

scarier still is that i almost attended said lecture. i had never heard of the guy, and the way it was advertised, it sounded pretty interesting. b"h (for me at least) it took place at 8 pm, not a convenient hour for a married student.
just a point- don't judge the students who attended; the fault lays entirely with those who promoted the event. many students had never heard of the speaker, and if they had, i assure you there would have been more protests before the event took place, rather than after. also, apparently there was no kefira in the lecture, so assumedly, a student who attended without knowing the speaker would have had no reason to walk out in the middle.

Thank you for telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel much better.

[If that stands for Mom to be - bishaah tova!]

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