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A Silver Lining

Shalom Aleichem sweetest friend,

Don't get me wrong!! I am not against people enjoying themselves. Au contraire [I am SURE I spelled that wrong], punkt fakert, aderabe, just the opposite! I want people to enjoy every second of life to the fullest.


A big "but". I believe that at the seder table the child should add a fifth question. [With the accompanying sing-song] "Why are we spending 25,000 dollars to make Pesach in the Bahamas when other Jews cannot even afford to buy the basics??"

The halacha says that your basic needs come before your friends basic needs [chayecha kodmin]. However, your LUXURIES do not come before your friends basic needs.

Maybe the silver lining of the current financial crisis will be that people will rethink their spending priorities.

Perhaps that will make all of the suffering worth it. Indeed, the Shulchan Aruch Harav writes that the primary mitzva in the time before the coming of Moshiach is tzedaka.

May we see his coming SPEEDILY in our days!!

Love and blessings to all!!!!

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