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Sunset And Face Falling

Today I was in shul for mincha and by the time the chazzan finished his repetition of shmoneh esrei it was already past shkiyah. So he skippped Tachanun and said kaddish. After davening somebody approached him and complained "Why did you skip Tachanun?!" [Wow! Somebody complained about SKIPPING Tachanun. For many, this is reason enough to throw a kiddush.]

"After shkiyah we don't say Tachanun" was the answer.

"Yes we do."

Who is right?

Jewish answer - both of them!!

The Mishna Brura rules [in Hilchos Nefilas Apaim] that one should say Tachanun after shkiyah. However Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach and Rav Eliashev are quoted in Ishei Yisrael as saying that minhag Yerushalayim is to skip Tachanun after shkiyah. [See also the Mishna Brura with the comments of Rav Nevenzahl.]

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