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Happy Shevat To All

It is now "Shovevim" [the period of the year when we read the parshiyos of Shmos until Mishpatim]. Many people have the custom to fast during this time [for sins relating to sexual purity]. However, a fast is meaningless unless it was accepted the previous day [preferably during Mincha]. So yesterday at Mincha someone I know accepted upon himself a fast for today - Rosh Chodesh.


That is a no-no. It is forbidden to fast on Rosh Chodesh. On the contrary - one should eat a delicious meal.

The Shulchan Aruch says that in this instance he must gather three people together and nullify the vow with a "pesach" [not the holiday - a familiar term for those who have tasted the delights of Maseches Nedarim].

So fasting is great - but not always.

We should merit to see the ultimate geulah - FAST!!!!!!!!!!

PS - Today is Rosh Hashana for the trees according to Beis Shammai in the first perek of Rosh Hashana - so a Happy New Year to all of my readers who are connected to the ground and bear fruit.

PPS - Is it true what people tell me that the Phoenix Cardinals are in the Super Bowl? When did they move from St. Louis? And how does Louis feel about this?? And how come Phoenix has an "o"?

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