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Little Rachel's grandmother from her mother's side came to visit. Rachel said "I am so happy you came!"

"Why?" asked Grandma.

"Because I get to see Daddy do a trick".

"What trick?"

"He said that when you come he is going to climb the walls".

How did Moshe relate to his father-in-law?

Moshe is told by Hashem to redeem the Jewish people. He answers [according to the medrash] "Can't do it yet. Got some business to take care of first". What business? He first has to go back and say goodbye to his father-in-law Yisro. Why? Because "haposeiach pesach lachaveiro nafsho chayav lo". Yisro opened his house to Moshe. From Moshe's perspective he owes Yisro HIS LIFE! Not because Yisro saved his life [on the contrary - Moshe saved Yisro's daughters], but because Yisro hosted Moshe.

What a way to look at the obligation we have toward those who opened their homes to us. And what a great lesson in the importance of hachnosos orchim.

[The Alter Of Slabodka Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel Ztz"l]

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