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An Interesting Question

What does an Ashkenazi frog say?

Ribbis, Ribbis.

Which brings us to a fascinating halacha about interest - known in the Beis Medrash as "Ribbis". The Magen Avraham [242/2 based on the Talmud Yerushalmi in Moed Kattan Perek 2 Halacha 3], rules that one is allowed to borrow money with ribbis in order to purchase food for Shabbos. That is revolutionary! Ribbis is no less than an biblical prohibition!!

So the Machatzis Hashekel brings things back to the realm of normalcy and says that the Magen Avraham meant that one is allowed to borrow money from a GENTILE with ribbis for Shabbos [which is otherwise halachically problematic - see S"A Yo"D 159/1], but from a Jew it is completely forbidden to do so.

Many other poskim [such as the Shulchan Aruch Harav 242/9] rule that it is permitted to borrow with ribbis that is only prohibited rabbinically [such as when one doesn't explicitly set the amount in advance - known as "Ribbis Ketzutza" see Rambam Hil. Malve Vilove 6/3].

However many others take the Magen Avraham at face value and say that it is even permitted to borrow Ribbis Ketzutza for the sake of Shabbos meals.


[Major Machlokes]

See Yesodei Yeshurun Maareches Erev Shabbos Page 22.

Rav Erhman,
I have to say I love your blog so much that I'm semi-addicted. I miss you and thank you for providing the light at night...
Yossi Tsadok

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