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A Lesson Not Learned


People just don't get the idea!!

Some Jews NEVER miss a davening, learn daily and ... steal. What does Hashem think? Well, this past Shabbos in the Haftora we read about Yishayahu telling us in the name of G-d the He just isn't interested in the "spiritual stuff" if people aren't honest.

Thousands of years have passed and his words still resonate. But some people [WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER] relegate Hashem to the shuls and Batei Midrash [until their cell phone rings - then unfortunately it doesn't matter that they are in a shul] and in monetary matters they are - to call a spade a spade - GANOVIM.

Sweetest friends - something else to mourn about over the nine days.

Indeed, Rava said that Yerushalayim was destroyed because of dishonesty.

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