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SWEETEST FRIENDS!! To put a smile on your face to begin the new week, an email I received from a VERY beloved friend:

Funny story I thought you would appreciate: The guy who works with me, Mike (I’ve told you about him in the past)… 25 years old, considers himself a Unitarian even though his mother is a Jew, his mother's mother is a Jew etc. etc. He goes to church and the whole deal, but he went on birthright a few months ago and he loved it. Anyhow … he heard about the story of the 20 yr. old guy who put his tefillin on in an airplane today and caused a bomb-scare. So Mike says to me… “Tefillin? What are those??” I explained to him what they were and he responded: “Really, is that something new?” I told him that it’s a pretty fundamental part of Judaism, to which he responded with complete seriousness: “Can’t be! I’ve never seen my Grandma wearing them!”

Maybe we can be mekarev a Jew this week. They need it.... The mishna in Pirkei Avos says to "love Jews and bring them close to Torah". Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook used to point out that it doesn't say "love Jews IN ORDER to bring them close to Torah". No! Just love them for who they are and automatically they will return to Torah.

Ahhhh yidden - we need more AHAVA!

oyyyyyyyy! that is funyy but so sad. so sad

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