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Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Ariel Edelstein on the birth of their daughter!

Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Noam Kaplan on the birth of their daughter!

Mazel Tov to R' Yaakov Dovid Lyons on his engagement!!

These are three people to whom I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Yidden!!! Keep getting married and having babies. It's the best!!!!!!!!!!

Also I have added some shiurim from the Rebbe Shlita in the Chassidus section. Yet another simcha.

Sorry there are no pictures. I don't know how to do it. I looked for the hole in the computer where you insert the photograph and I couldn't find it anywhere!!! [But I assure you that all of the baalei simcha are very nice looking.]

Love, blessings and wishing you ALL only simchas

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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