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Anybody But Me!

This is a 850,000 dollar Ramban. I would say a "million dollar Ramban" but somehow 850,000 dollars seems like more.

Hashem wants to appoint Moshe as leader of the Jewish people to perform miracles and take them out of Egypt. Moshe argues and says "No, not me!" Can you imagine if someone was elected President of the United States and he refuses "I am not worthy". Usually, politicians spend a very long period of time trying to convince people how GREAT they are and of course how lousy their opponent is. Moshe did just the opposite.

So Rav Moshe, who IS worthy of leading the Jewish people in your HUMBLE opinion? "Shlach na bi'yad tishlach" [4/13] - Send whomever you will send, Moshe suggests to the Creator of all things. To whom is Moshe referring? Many answers were offered by our Sages . Some say he means his brother Aharon. Others weigh in with Pinchas, Eliyahu or Angels.

The Ramban says differently: "Hashem" said Moshe Rabbeinu, "there is no person on the planet earth who is not more worthy than I am! You can send literally ANYBODY. Everybody is more fitting for the job."

Woweeeeee! He wasn't kidding. He was not a kidder. He really meant it! When he met a person he genuinely thought that this person is greater than he. Every PERSON!!!

What a powerful lesson. If you internalize this message then two things [at least] will result.

1] Everyone will like you. People like those whom they feel admire them.

2] You will emulate the ways of Moshe Rabbeinu making you an even bigger tzaddik/tzaddekes than you already are.

Let us pray for such humble politicians in our midst. Closer to home, let us pray that we can reach such heights ourselves.

One of the two questions that we are asked on the day of judgement is "Did you make your friend king over you?" [quoted by the Reishis Chochma]. I hope that we can all answer in the affirmative.

Love and blessings,

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

Practically, how do we view everyone as greater than us? What does that mean, greater? It certainly cannot mean greater in middot or wisdom for Moshe Rabbeinu excelled in those. I can give lip service and say that I feel everyone is greater than me. But what is the knowledge I need to look at anyone and cognize that he indeed is greater than me?

Everybody has SOME talents , qualities that I lack. Also everybody has done mitzvos that I haven't. I really think that if you get to know anybody you could think of ways in which he is greater.

What a fantastic teaching! This is something that I want to take with me into my daily life and apply! Toda, Rabbi!

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