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Hunger As Atonement - It Really Works

Many people fast during Shovavim [see previous post]. Some people fast EVERY SINGLE DAY! This should only be done if you are physically and emotionally healthy. Others fast for selected days. If one chooses to fast then during mincha of the previous day before taking three steps back he should say that he is accepting upon himself the fast [see Rema 562/6]. Rav Yisrael Yaakov Fischer [Even Yisrael 7/24] pointed out that one should not say "bli neder". If one does so then it doesn't count. But see also Tshuvos Vi'hanhagos 2/255.

There are also special selichos that people recite. Some shuls say them on selected days.

The kabbalists teach that for one "shichvas zera livatala" a person must fast 84 times [!!]. Of course I don't expect that most people will do this but it illustrates the gravity of the sin.

An irony: It is the people who are most careful in the area of their bris who are usually the ones fasting. Those who are not [and are the ones who really need it] do not. A similar phenomenom I find on Yom Kippur - it is usually the people with the fewest sins who are crying the most. The people who are FILLED with sin are usually quite relaxed and at ease.

A freilichin Shovavim!

i'm not surprised at the irony. all the baalei mussar say that gaiva is the root of all sin. those humble enough to really quake before hakb"h on yom kippur are humble enough that they don't sin that often. and those arrogant enough to think they they don't really need to cry and beseech so much, they are arrogant enough to have many, many aveiros.

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this is exactly how it should be according to logic..

the sins are a screen that separates you from haShem, (מסך מבדיל) those with the fewest sins are those who have the easiest time drawing close to HaShem.

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