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Hear Ya Loud And Clear - But Is That Enough?

Dear Alleyways,

I love when people use me for mitzvos! But my question is if one fulfills his obligation to hear the megilla when hearing it through me?

Mike Rofone

Dearest Mike!

There is extensive literature on the question of using of a microphone for reading the megilla [and Torah etc.]. The bottom line is that it is best to stay away it in order to avoid halachic problems. If the only shul in town uses one then a Rabbi should be consulted about what to do.

Love and blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebbe, what is the halacha regarding the use of a microphone in other situations? If one is at the kotel and the chazzan uses a microphone for tefilla would the thousands surrounding him not be yotzei? If not, then would one maybe (though I still wouldn't do it) be able to hear kol isha through a microphone?

If you hear a bracha you may answer amen but if it a bracha to be motzi you [such as kiddush or megilla] you should not be yotzei. The topic is complex but that is on one leg.

Kol isha: Some poskim entertain the notion that it would be mutter but bottom line the consesus is "No sir".

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