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Party Hearty

What on earth were the Rabbis thinking when they joined the party that Achashveirosh threw?!

They had good intentions. Indeed the road to ---- is paved with good intentions. They said the following: We must fix the sin of the Jews who bowed down to the idol in the time of Nevuchadneztar. How are we going to do this? We will go to the party but Mordechai will serve us kosher food and drink [as the gemara says "kratzon ish v'ish" - according to the will of Mordechai who was a pure tzaddik] and we will show the gentiles that we are DIFFERENT! We don't eat and drink like the gentiles eat and drink. That will fix our earlier sin!!

Big mistake! Jews may not party with gentiles. Period.

[Based on Reb Tzadok in Machsheves Charutz 17]

On Purim we enjoy holy parties in a pure Jewish way. That is how we fix the sin of the Feast of Achashveirosh.

this is exactly the vort i gave my parents when i changed my college plans...

Reb Tzadok is in good company ...

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