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You Give Me 22 Minutes I Can't Promise To Give You The World - I Must Be Honest!!!

News item: Ford Motor Company lost 12.7 BILLION Dollars last year.

Moral: Next time you buy something and then you see the exact same item in a different store for 10 dollars less, don't feel too badly - it's all relative.

[Henry Ford was a virulent anti-semite and Nazi supporter but I don't know if we can see this as Divine retribution as he has been dead for quite a long time. But maybe there is a connection. G-d's ways are inscrutable.]

News Item: Lots of people who were alive and well yesterday are dead today.

Moral: Next time anything goes wrong don't worry about it too much. You won the lottery - You are alive!!!! It is a free, undeserved gift from above. Enjoy!

Hoping that all of your news is good news!!!

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

Please say Tehillim for Tzvi Mordechai ben Baila Tamar a newborn baby who has just been hospitalized.

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