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The Four Questions

I am estimating that it is almost half-time at the Super Bowl [believe it or not I am not watching the game] so there is nothing better to do than discuss a few kashyas. For Purim - which is coming up!!!

1. Rebbi Yehuda had great difficulty drinking wine and therefore only drank it for Kiddush, Havdala and the four cups of the Seder [Nedarim 49b] . What about Purim? And Chol Hamoed? [It is a Mitzva to drink wine on Chol Hamoed]

2.In the Yerushalmi it says in the name of R' Nosson that one can read the Meggillah for the whole month of Adar. [See Shulchan Aruch 788/7.]

Problem: The first Mishna explicitly says that one can read no earlier than the 11th of Adar.

3. It says in the Shulchan Aruch [794/3] that we give money on purim to whomever asks. The Ritva [Bava Metzia 78A] explains that we don't check to see if he is poor or not. Because on Purim we give not only for tzedaka but in order to enhance the simcha and to give gifts - so we can give even to the rich - if they ask.

Goodness gracious - what does he mean? The Pasuk says Matanos Lévyonim - Gifts for the POOR.

4.The Trumas Hadeshen learns from the Rosh that the law that we require 10 people to read Parshas Zachor is biblical.

Problemo: We rule that one can read the Megillah without a minyan. Yet, in the Gemara [18a] we derive the obligation to read the Megillah from Parshas Zachr. And if one must read Zachor with ten people then it would follow that Megillah would also require ten.

4 kashas corresponding to the 4 quarters!!!! [If the game goes into O.T. please email me so that I can add a kasha.]

Go Walter Payton!!!

In terms of question 4 I believe you can read the megillah b'yachid but I believe we poskin that to fufill the mitzvah of Pirsumei nisa a megillah reading requires 10.

this is my 1st wave

i have no Tur, so ill leave this for now, but also to #4 (the above answer is the mishna brurahs) is Brov Am Hadrat Melech! as the Kitzur S"A brings down (see also aruch hashulchan 687:2,5). also he says thta you should have a minyan, if not then less is sufficient. surely the minyan is lechatchila the best. if you dont have the minyan then you dont say the bracha afterwards!
heres wher i think the doraita connection comes in. Kriat hatorah only applies with a minyan. y? because of the Davar Shebekdusha that requires a minyan. what about learnign torah? you can do it on your own. to READ formt he torah itself (whether its zecher l'ma'amad har sinai, or limud torah) can surely be done without a minyan, but calling up aliyot and saying bircvhot hatorah - the Chayei Adam says that each time the bichot hatorah are said it is a davar shebekdusha (requires minyan and standing, etc) (clearly the C.A. would NOT approve of womens tefilla groups sayingt eh brachot at each aliyah!)

the connection the rosh and T.H. bring is a (semi-)d'oraita regarding davar shbukedusha - you need the minyan for brachot! otherwise its just like practicing reading or learning which you can do on your own without brachot.

Answer to #2
i was htinking that if a traveller says it on 13 or 14 (pending his cityo of origin) if hes going on a trip, then i think that if hes going on a,ong trip to where he wont have a megillah to read at thwe proper time, he can read it it to the EXTREMETIES of the whole month of Adar, ie starting on Rosh chodesh he can say megillah before his trip.
i then found my thoguhts in aruch hashulcha 688:18 "vlachen yesh omrim (towards the end, approx 10 lines) with the addition that if you read the megilah early, and on yoru travells you come across a megillah on the proper day you must read it again on the proper day!

Answer to #3
at first i thought matanot l'evyonim - once you give2 gifts to 2 evyonim your'e done and then you can give to whomever asks. once youre done with the chiyiuv of the mitzva then anything you give is for simcha.
in Shalmei Moed it is brought down that R'S.Z. Auerbach said that there are many ppl who are in need, but the Geder of 'Ani' is DIRE need and its hard to find one of these whose din is truly Ani.
the Aruch hashulchan 694:3 says the difference between Ani and Evyon (much poorer than ani) is the matter of Busha the evyion is not embarrased to ask. the ani IS.
together i formulate my answer - since TRUE aniim are hard to find... we should give whoever asks, to make them happy makes us happy ( - and theres no happiness like that of an ani, yatom and almanah - Arush Shulchan 694:2).
if a Ashir is going to suck up his pride (money causes gaavah!) and ASK for money for money, he must be embarrased to do so, he desreves our kav zechut (maybe he lost his money in the stack market this week, or was robbed, or lost all money in a huge fianncial mess) and is an ani and deserves to receive. if he is not emabrrased he still deserves our kav zechut and as an evyon desreves our tzedakah.
If his gaavah gets the better of him and he decides to make money because hes rich and wants more money, we still judge favorably and let HKB"H, judge of all judges, take care of him.

I must run to class, i will Bezrat Hashem answer #1 later

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