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He Said Such A Nice Kaddish For His Coach!!

I don't believe it. Informed sources tell me that they have come out with Rocky 6!

I grew up on Rocky. He inspired and galvinized me! I will never forgot when he ran up the stairs of the Spectrum to the tune of exciting Rocky music. Till this very day sometimes I will scream in a deep, throaty, guttural voice "ADRIEEEEENNE I LOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOU". At which point my wife will look at me quizzically wondering who Adrienne is and why I feel so strongly towards her.... Little does she know that I have momentarily transformed into Rocky Balboa barely able to see after his face was battered up in a fight and who wants his beloved wife to come forward.

But in spite of many people who would like to believe to the contrary - I don't see how watching a movie will bring me any closer to my goal of cleaving to Hashem. So I will not see Rocky 6! Even though [to my great dismay] many Yeshiva students have it on their I-Pod.

But I must learn Mussar from Sly!! He is about sixty years old. Much to old to box. And yet he is still boxing!!!!

"Ki naár Yisrael vóhavehu" exclaims the Navi. G-d loves us because we remain young, vibrant and filled with vigor!! We have davened so many times - but it never gets old!! We continue to daven with such enthusiasm and excitement. Sure we said kiddush last week and the week before and the week before etc. etc. but this week we will say Kiddush as if it is the first time that we have ever said it!!! Our Avodas Hashem will never get old.


When was the last time you walked out of shul on a Tuesday morning and said "Boy, was that inspiring". Probably not in a while. So next time you are in Shul, go up to the Bima and start humming the Rocky theme song and scream "COME ON GUYS - LETS DO IT FOR ROCKY!!!"

"Baruch Sheamar Vihaya Haólam...."

In the next rocky, he goes to an old age home and boxes with senior citzens.

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