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Yes They Learned Even Before The Internet - And Before The Invention Of The Printing Press - But Today We Have No Excuses!!!

A few excellent "mareh mekomos" that you might find helpful.

1. www.talmudicu.edu - for what may be the best Chumash shiur in America!! I love them. Original, insightful and practical.

2. HebrewBooks.org - 11,000 books to be seen and downloaded!

3. www.responsa.co.il - Bar Ilan cd rom goes on line!

4. TanachYomi.com - a new site started by my old Meshech Chochma [another good mareh makom] chavrusa R' Yaakov Ellis and good friend R' Binyamin Miller [not to say that R' Yaakov is not also my good friend!].

Please daven for Elchanan Dovid Yifrach ben Freeda whose situation has taken a turn for the worse. Thank you.

see also http://www.torahtexts.org/

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